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TreasureGemz is excited to begin hosting a special series of educational classes beginning this year! We look forward to teaching you how to heal, cleanse and align ones self from within while practicing with Yoni Eggs. Become spiritually and emotionally aligned with yourself. Feel the energies these stones naturally generate in our classes. We intend to educate you on the different stones we use and why. Through meditation and exercise we feel more relaxed, clear minded, clean and free. These educational series will include yoni yoga, yoni cycling, yoni Zumba, yoni swimming, yoni dance and more. You can see which classes are available and up and coming by going to our website. The Classes will be held monthly with exceptional private sessions as well. The Special Series class can be added to any cart order placed at


*****Limited Space Available!!!!!!!! RSVP Today! Classes begin soon!

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**Special Offer

TreasureGemz Yoni Eggs will be available for discount purchase at all these Special Series Classes! So come in with or without your own egg! We have you covered! We also have everything else you need for a great Yoni experience with us. We look forward to meeting you!


****Refreshments provided.


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