”May Is For Mothers ”
May is the known as the Universal Momma Birthday. The extra day dedicated to the lady who has been there through it all and most likely will remain there even if you fall. We just like to say we appreciate all the mothers that do this job called “Momming” on a daily basis, because its not easy! Myself included! Motherhood is not only the best gift given to a family by God its the greatest joy that could ever be given to a Woman. Motherhood is a lifestyle not a job, I just thought I would point out for anyone who was confused. as said in many studies being a mom full time would equal having two full time jobs! & most of us have 2 jobs just to maintain, which is why I conclude this is a lifestyle that some are blessed to have while others are fortunate enough to have chosen to adopt for whatever reasons, they are also included in this small tribute to say Thank You! You are appreciated and most importantly loved.
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TreasureGemz hosted an amazing Women’s Empowerment Luncheon April 29, 2018 at the Lashed Beauty Bar in Encino CA.
TreasureGemz coordinated the “Lashed Ladies in LA Luncheon” with celebrity multi-business owner Angela White aka “Blac Chyna” to bring women of all backgrounds including Fashion, Beauty, Education, Lifestyle & Entrepreneurship together for a day of pampering, networking, educating and basic self care as a whole. Together we achieved that goal were overwhelmed with the turnout! The main goal was to uplift and support our women while networking and having fun.
We intend to create a safe space and an opportunity for all women to connect right here in Los Angeles on a regular basis and hope to see you at A future event.
This Month is Mothers Day! &
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You keep asking so its coming!!
Yoni Pearls & #Yoni Steams by TreasureGemz are coming soon!! I want to make sure I am educated enough and trust the product before introducing it to you!
TreasureGemz will be collaborating with a Yoni Steam Expert to bring Vaginal Steam Parties to our area very soon! These sessions will be available for 1:1 and also available for groups of 6 women per session, (open entry class), I provide the Steam, Vaginal Tea/Herbs and sacred space for your vaginal steaming you just bring your friends & your pussy! And leave feeling refreshed, energized and free.
You can always email us for a private party information of your own and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
TreasureGemz 1:1 training and information sessions for those in need of a little bit more education are now available. Please email us for inquires. We are dedicated to education women on the benefits and uses of yoni eggs and the holistic healing & spiritual protection each stones provides. You will find a new light within yourself once you have connected and aligned with your chosen stone. We look forward to teaching you how to heal, cleanse and align yourself as a whole mind, body and spirt from within while practicing with Yoni Eggs. Become spiritually and emotionally aligned with yourself. Channel the energies these stones naturally generate when charged and attached the owner in our classes. We intend to educate you on the different stones we use and why. Through meditation and exercise we feel more relaxed, clear minded, clean and free. These educational sessions will include yoni yoga, yoni breathing, yoni love, yoni care, & more. Sessions will be available in morning and evening, time slots will be available in PCT so please be mindful when booking.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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