Cleaning Your Treasure Gemz

 When you first receive your Treasure Gemz, the first thing you want to do is inspect the quality and craft of the crystal. Then you want to begin cleaning your gemz before your first use. Although each set of gemz are created with the same material matter they can appear different on the outside, (hints the different colors of the eggs). After inspection of your yoni egg for chips and or cracks and you are satisfied with its construction, you now want to clean your yoni egg thoroughly before use. I suggest using a gentle mild soap or a natural cleaner like, tea tree oil and warm water. I suggest to boil the water for sterilization and allow it to cool before submerging your yoni egg into the water. We do NOT use boiling hot water because it can cause these precious crystals to crack and break. To clean the drilled holes on your yoni eggs simply use warm water and pipe cleaner or small toothbrush. Treasure Gemz should always be stored in a clean private area, protected from negative energies and safe from disruption until the next time to use them.

***Try our Treasure Gemz Organic Tea Tree Oil Yoni Egg Cleaner 


*All TreasureGemz yoni eggs come in a polyester/satin bag for storage.