About Us

Treasure Gemz is an online Holistic Healing and Self care website dedicated to educating women on the benefits and uses of yoni eggs intimately and spiritually. Yoni eggs can easily be described as the solution to major cosmetic surgeries to your vagina! These crystals and stones are a revolution to vaginal floor strengthening and orgasm enhancement. We are very confident that we are delivering long term results worth the time and dedication to consistently practicing with yoni egg crystals. This website was launched in hopes to educate every woman on the need of self care and healing and give them the opportunity to explore this natural vaginal tightening experience.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer service experiences while educating and healing our valued customers. Providing you with ways to feel sexually confident and secure within your sexual femininity.

The President of Treasure Gemz has had years of experience traveling and exploring the world, studying the essences and healing needs of all cultures of  women. Today’s women and millennials are born into a world of sexuality, diversity and independence is accepted from women, which was not always the case our ancestors. Today’s woman can express any type of sexual satisfaction, dysfunctions or fantasy’s and it is more than accepted and welcomed unlike our past. We empower & embrace the differences that excite sexual arousal, enhancement and stimulation, while using all natural products from the earth. We encourage and invite you to join the Yoni Healing experience for yourself.

We are determined and very passionate about exceeding your expectations in your yoni rejuvenation experience.

**We love our customers and welcome your testimonies, questions and suggestions.

 Please use our Contact Us page to tell us about your Yoni experiences and more. Tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on in your yoni healing expedition.