Treasure Gemz Yoni Eggs

The main goal of TreasureGemz is to educate women on the benefits and uses of using yoni eggs holistically and intimately. Yoni eggs are vaginal weights formed in the shape of an egg & used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Using these yoni stones and crystals consistently will align your energies & naturally rejuvenate your vaginal walls transforming your confidence and your sex life for the best.  Strengthen your pelvic floor while increasing the blood flow and sensitivity in your vaginal walls to create an enhanced sexual orgasm naturally with this Holistic healing approach. Heal your mind, body and spirit of past life traumas, bad decisions and negative energies. Although this practice has been around for centuries there are many modern exercises & ancient practices you can learn to strengthen your vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles while practicing with yoni eggs, the most common known is “Kegel exercises”. Most women will begin to notice results of exercising their pelvic floor by the vaginal tightening in their muscles while using these vaginal weights within 5-10 days. These exercises are completely safe and have been practiced for centuries. These stones not only strengthen your pelvic floor, they strengthen your mind and spirit as these stones aid in the natural holistic cleaning of the body. Women have attested to feeling more femininely confident, sexually aroused and energized while practicing with these stones & crystals. Clean & Charge your stones in the sun daily or in the moon light for the best energy & become aligned within yourself & yoni.

TreasureGemz are available in sets of three or can be purchased individually to customize your yoni healing experience with different yoni eggs. Become aligned with your yoni using Authentic Yoni Eggs by Treasure Gemz and start to feel your inner you become beautiful again.



General Uses

     Vaginal Exercising is one of the most common ways to use your yoni eggs. These exercises help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It’s ideal for every woman helping prevent incontinence, control pre-menstrual symptoms, helps to slow down menopause, assists in keeping vaginal ph-levels normal, prepare for a healthy pregnancy and strengthens the vaginal muscles after childbirth. Women also practice just to tone and maintain their vaginal tightness. Increase the elasticity in your vaginal walls creating more sensitivity &  awakening your sexual feminine energies. Control vaginal manipulation enhancing both male and female partners sexual experience. Increase the intensity of orgasms and prevent sagging of your uterus. Use these different stones for spiritual enlightenment and awareness to create an emotional balance within your self. Many women have begun practicing vaginal weight lifting. This is where you attach weights to the strings threaded through your drilled yoni egg and squat and tighten while squeezing or bending. Another popular practice is yoni yoga, while practicing with these yoni egg crystals women have reported to feel more stress free, selfless and generally happier.  Explore the different ways to create positive energies generated from your yoni gemz. During our yoni yoga sessions you can learn exercises that you can do at home and create the energies perfect for you.


     While the fun benefit of vaginal exercise include enhancing sexual sensations for both male and female partners during intimacy. A serious question that is always asked or suggested is; can loose your yoni egg inside of your vagina or what to do if it goes to far inside the vagina. While this cannot physically happen because it is impossible for it to pass the cervix. Even if you have had a hysterectomy or had your cervix removed, doctors have it sewn up at the top so there is no way anything is going to get lost inside. Once your vaginal walls has had enough vaginal tightening and exercise the eggs generally push themselves out, however if you do have any issues removing your yoni egg, don’t panic! Sit on the toilet or you should squat and push gently while holding your hand under you to catch your yoni egg. These egg are drilled and threaded at the top of the stone for easy removal while practicing however some women choose to practice without the strings but until you develop more vaginal control I suggest to use threaded eggs while practicing for easy removal.

Introduction to Yoni Life

     If you have never used a yoni egg before, I suggest that you start by learning the different stones and crystals before you begin to practice with yoni eggs. Yoni is originally a Sanskrit word used for vagina or womb. Women must protect,cherish and keep their yoni healthy. To do so the concubines of the Kings in the country used stones and crystals for purification, cleansing and stress relief. These crystals are handcrafted individually in the shape of an egg, which is A woman’s natural womb shape. This shape symbolizes fertility and the rebirth of life. These crystals are used for many different reasons such as cleaning and clearing out all bad and negative energy. They can influence our bodies naturally to feel focused, stress free and sexually confident. Simply decide which egg is right for you. When you receive your Treasure Gemz inspect them and clean and sanitize them before practicing any exercises. Use warm water and a gentle mild soap. Do not boil the gemz directly in hot water as it will damage the structure of the gemstone or crystal. For best results the suggested cleaning method is bringing 8oz of purified water to a boil. Pour the water into a bowl or glass and allow it to cool down. While waiting you can run warm water through the drilled holes on the eggs before slowly lowering them into the now room temperature water. Avoid cleansing with harsh products like vinegar and perfumed soaps, use natural tea tree oil or unscented mild soap.

Choosing Your Yoni

     Listed below are the available items used for practicing vaginal exercises and yoni yoga. Please read and select the best yoni for you! All women are different and yet we are all the same! Choose from our unique selection of hand crafted stones and crystals and remember that your yoni is YOU.

Nephrite Jade Eggs:


This is our most popular egg as it is the first stone every used internally by a woman. This stone brings good health, abundance, revitalization, longevity, joy, victory, success and wealth. Nephrite is a stone for healing the heart. Green jade stones are very precious; It’s said to bless whatever it touches. The first stone used by women which were used only by concubines of the king. It was once said that health, beauty and longevity could be achieved through healthy vagina. Jade is used for calming the nervous system and helping channel your inner passion in constructive ways. Jade is known for harmonizing relationships, It attracts good luck and friendship. It’s a protective stone that signifies wisdom and tranquility.

   Amethyst Eggs:


This is A stone of spiritual purification and protection. Release yourself from addictions, balance your energy and calm your emotions, anxiety and bad habits. This stone has the ability to move your inner thoughts and give you inner peace. It clears your energy field of bad influences and attachments to create a spiritual light around your body. Feel balanced and protected while practicing with this stone. It can assist in quitting smoking, drinking, eating disorders and drug recreational drug use. Feel your state of well-being, balance and comfort ability.


  Black Obsidian Eggs:


 Obsidian stones create a sense of psychic protection, grounding, cleansing, spiritual communication and healing. These stones help to eliminate blockages in oneself and their environment that creates the negative energies surrounding you. Your Auric field will be cleaned of your own anger, greed and fear. Obsidian stones are used the bring your shadows out of the darkness. Exile the unconscious events of your past lives and heal your womb, body and soul by releasing personal strain from sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, abortions or any traumas you may have encountered in life.


    Rose Quartz Eggs:


Rose quartz crystals have their own gentle vibration of love for the owner. It gives inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love. Rose quartz opens the heart to love, its energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love. This is why this stone is also known as the love stone. This is a stone for all types of love; self-love, family, platonic, romantic and unconditional. The strong energy from rose quartz can enhance love in virtually any situation. Bring love into your life and daily situations with this stone as it lowers stress and soothes you emotionally. One fact about rose quartz crystals that is very important is its effectiveness at healing relationships. Use this stone to raise your self-esteem and self-worth. Its loving energy teaches us to apply this love to ourselves and thereby finding ourselves more worthy.